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Annual Licence & Membership

Annual Insurance & Membership




Insurance Coverage Summary

1. Personal Accident
£50,000, reducing to £5,000 for persons under 16 years old to 3 years old.

2. Loss of Eyes/Limbs/Speech/Hearing

3. Temporary Disablement
£105 per week for Instructors/Assistant Instructors
£55 per week for Members and Students
£20 per week for Unemployed Persons
(14 Day Deferment Period/52 weeks, maximum benefit period)

4. Hospitalisation
£20 per day for Expenses incurred
(Excludes first 7 days and Benefit is paid for a maximum 25 days)

5. Dental Treatment
Up to £500
(Excludes for first £50)

6. Broken Bones
£100 per claim
(Arms and Legs)

For full details, please contact your instructor. 

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