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Martial Art Training Disciplines the Mind to Empower The Body

Dojo Rules 
Rules governing student behaviour and conduct in the Dojo have been implemented since ancient times. These rules are a continued part of martial arts training and are relevant today, as they were thousands of years before.

The diligent study of martial arts leads to the cultivation of virtues which affirm the strength of the mind, body and soul. To achieve this, students must conduct themselves in a disciplined manner inside and outside the Dojo.

The regulations prescribed by UMAA below are to be followed strictly.

OSU! (押忍) 
What does this mean?

The UMAA salute is “OSU” (Japanese), its rough contextual translation is simply YES! However, its linguistic meaning refers to pushing and suffering whilst hiding pain. It means to stand strong in the face of adversity, overcome all obstacles, persevere with tireless resiliency and never give up.

This one word symbolizes and encapsulates our fighting spirit.

We fight not to lavish in victory, but so we may know that we will not succumb to defeat

- Shabaaz Ali UMAA Founder and Chief Instructor


UMAA Code Of Conduct

Martial arts training is not limited to the confines of the Dojo.


Although there is a clear sporting element, the practice is anchored in deep philosophical roots.


The UMAA code of conduct is based on the principles of Bushido (way of the warrior); its intention is to guide its student on an unending journey to strive for victory over one’s self.

1. Respect all, never use your strength to chastise others

2. Always speak truthfully and maintain justice, even if the truth goes against yourself

3. Do not make promises you cannot fulfill, stand true to your commitments and honor your word

4. Do not center your words and actions around seeking personal gain, endeavor to strive for the needs and betterment of the many

5. Walk with humility, forgive those who anger you, always remain patient

6. Show compassion and benevolence to those who are weaker than yourself, speak for the voiceless, stand for the beleaguered

7. Be courageous, not with blind emotion, but with intelligence and strength, seize opportunities which will promote positivity

8. Show constraint and self-discipline, but if you need to defend yourself, do so resolutely, administer your response with irrefutable ferocity

9. Acquire knowledge in all its manifestations

10. Reflect often on knowing who you are, search for this on the furthest horizons and within the deepest abyss of your being

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