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1:1 Four-Week Introduction to MMA


Course Overview:
This comprehensive course includes four one-hour sessions spread over four weeks, each tailored to your individual needs and goals. Under the expert guidance of your own personal experienced instructor, you'll receive focused, one-on-one training that accelerates your learning and development into the world of Martial Arts.

Course Content:
1.    Fundamentals of Stand-Up Combat:
       - Breakdown of all the basic striking, including punches, kicks, elbows, and knees.
       - Learn essential stances, and positions to build a solid foundation.
2.    Movement and Footwork:
       - Develop agile footwork, head, and body movement to enhance your defensive and offensive capabilities.
       - Improve your overall mobility and coordination.
3.    K1 Sparring and Fight Strategies:
       - Engage in controlled sparring sessions to practice your techniques in real-time.
       - Understand and apply effective fight strategies and tactics.
4.    General Fitness and HIIT Work:
       - Boost your fitness levels with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) tailored to MMA requirements.
       - Enhance your strength, endurance, and overall physical conditioning.
5.    Self-Defence and Close-Range Combat:
       - Learn practical self-defence techniques for various scenarios.
       - Gain confidence in your ability to protect yourself and others.
6.    Fundamentals of Ground Combat:
       - Explore the basics of grappling, submissions, and ground control.
       - Develop skills essential for effective ground fighting.

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